Episode 13

This week is a little more serious than usual but we think you'll like it

Episode 12

We're back, This week we discover Bart's love of Yellow tail Shiraz, Howard's misplaced love of the Lions, and a whole lot of MMA

Episode 11

This episode we talk about the BLOOD MOON, Mars, and we do a Top 5 Languages we'd like to learn

Episode 10

Tonight on The Whisky Minute... Traditional Martial Arts vs Non Traditional Martial Arts

Episode 09

This week we bring you alternative energy, the loss of horror icon Wes Craven, star wars, strong nerds, and a top 5 of people living today we'd like to sit down with and have a drink.

Episode 08

We're back, and this time with the end of an era with Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show and new drug testing policies in the UFC. We also have a special top 10 movie quotes of all time.

Episode 07

We are back from a long hiatus! More politics, the Ashley Madison security breach, and a different Whisky for all. Also we have a top 5 of the best places to go before you die. No sweat... we got this.

Episode 06

On this edition... Howard and Bart find a little left over Monkey Shoulder and polish it off. Also, Michael Crouch, the best bartender in the State of Tennessee stops by and the boys discuss Lying, local news, more lying, politics, Brian Williams, not being honest, and finally round it off by the top 5 things a man hates being called.

Episode 05

On a very special Whisky Minute... We rip the cover off the dark secret no one wants to talk about  -  The Morning After. Instead of being there for the fun, you get a look at what happens when it's time to pay up. Coffee is the Order of the day, along with dim lights and hushed tones as we pay for the sins of the night before. We also talk about girls that kick ass, net neutrality and dirty, dirty politics. Finally we top it off with one of the best Top 5's yet, Top 5 conspiracy Theories of all time.  

Episode 04

Once again we drink Monkey Shoulder and yell at each other as our good friend Brian Corsi joins us for more fun. We tell stories about the late great Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, and discuss events of the day. Also, we argue loudly about the top 5 Sci-Fi movies of all time. Bart is clearly wrong about his #1 pick and Howard spends much of the show interrupting others.