Episode 03

We are back with our good friend Brian Corsi joining us. We are drinking A noble single malt - Monkey Shoulder, and discussing the finer points of legalizing Marijuana. After loudly agreeing with each other, we move on to the best hangover foods of all time.

Episode 02

In this episode we continue to flesh out the inner workings of the podcast as we enjoy a delicious helping of Jacob's Ghost. We also wish Happy Birthday to a good friend, talk about cell phones, talk about Dragon Con, yell at each other a little, and finally decide which is bettter... Star Trek or Star Wars.

Episode 01

Hey everyone, we are officially live. This is the very first episode of The Whisky Minute. In this episode we are drinking Tullamore Dew, an Irish Whisky, and will explain who we are and describe how the podcast will work, what we plan to talk about, the future of the podcast and about the Whisky 60. We go off the rails in this episode so be prepared for anything.